Midnight Moksha

The crescendo, a calamity of sound and light, deafening and silent as it rose into the air above his head.  Rays of azure light shot out of the mist as it began to accelerate, higher than the tree tops now, moving in to the clear air, powered only by his thoughts of freedom.  Drops of plasma, pure, super-heated liquidized energy, shot out of the cloud in every direction and immediately began to fall back toward Earth.  Moving faster and faster now his thoughts become expansive, the ‘him’ thins into nothingness as the ‘I am’ becomes all.

His body, still sitting beneath the trees, lit only by his small dhuni fire, rests peacefully in sublime consideration for the all that he has realized.

Looking for Treasure

I passed a man on the street this morning. He was walking on the sidewalk, looking down, looking for a bit of money, or maybe a cigarette but that could still hold a light. I imagined him suddenly as a wealthy man, looking ahead as he walked, knowing that the world was his, and that there was no treasure except the one he already has.

I thought of those who walk through life looking to the heavens, seeking God for their treasure, yet never looking ahead long enough to value the treasures laid all around them. Their family, their well-being, nature, friendships, loves.  Yes, I do think that spirituality is a lifelong quest, but without seeing the pleasures that the heavens have placed around you, there is no joy here and now.

I thought of myself, and my treasures. My children, my wife, my family and friends who are family; how they are all I ever needed, and I am so thankful for them all.


Dream State Sadness

Last night I had many dreams, but one woke me with tears…

My wife and I were driving on a country road. Beautiful cottonwood trees lined both sides of the two lane road, and like many Oklahoma roads, you could see from one stop sign to the next down the straight mile line. We were talking about many things from home and work, we were laughing, enjoying the quiet drive.

As she was driving I was looking toward her, smiling, and that is when I saw the light. A strange red-brown light was coloring downtown Oklahoma City between the trees as we cruised down the hot summer tarmac. For a moment I was in denial, and then I told her to stop.

She slowed the car and the we stopped between trees, looking down on the city skyline which must have been thirty miles away in my dream-mind. We both looked on for a moment as the mushroom cloud grew over the cityscape.

She looked at me, tears starting to flood her eyes, and I smiled at her, kissed her cheek and said softly, “Hey, how about those kids huh, aren’t they amazing?”

She smiled, kissed my own tears, and leaned into my chest as the world was washed away in another mushroom cloud.

I am still shaken.