Everything Changes

I read somewhere that when asked to sum up the teachings of The Buddha in one sentence, the Dalai Lama said, “Everything Changes.”

Yesterday I let my employer know that I will be taking a position with another company and leaving my current job within two weeks… it was a surreal experience. I have two supervisors, one said he as happy for me and the other said that she understood my decision but that she would love to try to keep me.

I explained that I have already given my word that I would join the new company and that I would honor that; this was not about money, just happiness. I have not been happy in a long time here, and recently my mentor retired, with him gone they are wasting no time in making sweeping changes that I feel are hurting the company and especially the marketing group, which I am a part of.

But, I am very excited about my new employer. They are the world’s largest martial art supplier and based very close to my house. I will be running the web sites, the online marketing as well as blogging and working with the product design group. How cool is that?

So, everything changes, after five years of really enjoying my colleagues and the job I am moving on to something where I can grow and contribute in new, challenging and exciting ways.

I already feel better.

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