what is Hologram Thoughts?

Hologram Thoughts is a collection of essays, blog posts and thoughts from a small community of open-minded people. Please browse our blog and feel free to leave any comments or thoughts you might have and care to share with the community.

This site began as a very simple blog about Matt’s journey into the ideas and beliefs of Buddhism. Since then the blog has grown into a full fledged site devoted to new ideas and commentary about anything the makes people think. From videos on TED to the practice of Reiki.

In an effort to write more consistently I wanted to include a prominent link to our store at Amazon, if you have any desire to read or learn more about Buddhism or any other subject we have written about you can find it there. I won’t ask for your money, but I would be happy for you to buy through the store as that would aid my writing ambitions. Topics like books about Tibetan Buddhism, books about Tibetan Culture, books about Buddhist teachings, Ayurveda, Buddhist music, children’s books about Buddhism, books about Feng Shui and vastu, all your meditation supplies, movies about Buddhism, books about science, great speculative fiction, and even packaged foods for when you travel.