Internal Yoga

I spend a lot of time talking about and practing yoga, the traditional asanasa that we all asscoiate with yoga. Slow, methodical movements coupled with mindful breathing and directed non-thought. I love it. But, I also enjoy reading about what I would term ‘internal yoga’, too. So I thought I would put up a small list of the books I have read, or aim to at one point.

That list is here in my Amazon store, it is really easy for me to add them and to comment on them, so I love it. The link it

The Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus

I found this while looking at other videos by Glenn Marshall and I simply fell in love with it. Simply amazing, a demonstration of Everyday Magic.

The Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus from Glenn Marshall on Vimeo.

A short animated guide to Buddhist breath meditation, using the metaphor of an opening lotus. The narration was adapted from a talk given by Ajahn Brahm, a popular Buddhist teacher, author and abbot of Serpentine monastery, Perth.