The Universe Tree

Universe TreeLast night I dreamed that I was sitting on a high branch in the Universe Tree. The branches span galaxies. Nebula float in and around leaves, suns glisten like dew drops as the float along the most slender of branches.

I sat on branch near the top, but not at the apex itself, the owl, seeing it all. The Universe Tree then spoke deeply into my being. Every creak of the branches, every sound of leaf against leaf, told the story of worlds, of races, of individual beings who lived but only for a moment in time.

A flash of light from a leaf far away on the Universe Tree caught my attention. It was Earth itself, burning brightly and then gone. The Universe Tree seemed to pay no attention to entire species rising and fading, this was just as it is.

As the owl I was not alarmed by the birth and eventual death of trillions of souls upon the tiny blue green planet I knew as Earth. I could see then that the energy of those souls, tiny sparks of light seems to float on an unseen wind as the moved from planet to planet. Becoming more than they were, becoming whole.

Snowy Dream

The snow made a comforting sound beneath the horse’s hooves as we made our way along the tree line.  The trees were cedars, and being heavy with snow I could not see into the forest, but I knew they were pacing me, hidden there in the trees. Were they natives, were they animals, demons? The mind does funny things to a man out here on the snows, alone with his thoughts.

Sunrise was only moments away now and the pinks and oranges coming from the east were reassuring to me. Stars still littered the skies, but I felt somehow like with the sun I would find some refuge from the people in the trees.

How could I have known how wrong I was?


Dream State Sadness

Last night I had many dreams, but one woke me with tears…

My wife and I were driving on a country road. Beautiful cottonwood trees lined both sides of the two lane road, and like many Oklahoma roads, you could see from one stop sign to the next down the straight mile line. We were talking about many things from home and work, we were laughing, enjoying the quiet drive.

As she was driving I was looking toward her, smiling, and that is when I saw the light. A strange red-brown light was coloring downtown Oklahoma City between the trees as we cruised down the hot summer tarmac. For a moment I was in denial, and then I told her to stop.

She slowed the car and the we stopped between trees, looking down on the city skyline which must have been thirty miles away in my dream-mind. We both looked on for a moment as the mushroom cloud grew over the cityscape.

She looked at me, tears starting to flood her eyes, and I smiled at her, kissed her cheek and said softly, “Hey, how about those kids huh, aren’t they amazing?”

She smiled, kissed my own tears, and leaned into my chest as the world was washed away in another mushroom cloud.

I am still shaken.