A Moment Lost

It was happening again, between her breathes she was immortal. Every leaf in the trees stood motionless. Birds stopped mid-flight, frozen in the air before her.

From time to time she felt like the whole universe was waiting for her next move, as if all of creation was watching her and holding its breath until she moved on to her next thought. Suddenly the heavens would rotate again, and the laws of physics would resume.

That seemed like a crazy thought, but she had it, nonetheless.

She stood near the window for a moment and then moved back into the dark bedroom. Only the glow of the fireplace lit her surroundings as she crawled back into her bed. Once she was under her covers again she glanced back to the window, out into the snowy woods beyond the yard. It was there within the woods that she had first felt as if she was at the center of the whole universe. It was a heady feeling to contain everything within your soul, and though she loved that feeling it sent her into a quiet panic for a few minutes those first few times.

Midnight Moksha

The crescendo, a calamity of sound and light, deafening and silent as it rose into the air above his head.  Rays of azure light shot out of the mist as it began to accelerate, higher than the tree tops now, moving in to the clear air, powered only by his thoughts of freedom.  Drops of plasma, pure, super-heated liquidized energy, shot out of the cloud in every direction and immediately began to fall back toward Earth.  Moving faster and faster now his thoughts become expansive, the ‘him’ thins into nothingness as the ‘I am’ becomes all.

His body, still sitting beneath the trees, lit only by his small dhuni fire, rests peacefully in sublime consideration for the all that he has realized.

Feel My Hand In Yours

The soft sounds of the television find their way down the hallway.  My son is asleep, but I have yet to make it to his room to turn off the T.V. and cover him up.  I will tuck him in every night that I can, one day he will move out, and I don’t want to regret missing a night.  The boxer is snoring loudly beside me, I am about to begin my meditations, tonight is Tonglen, and I am going to focus on some one who was a close friend last year.  She has strayed into some deep water, and I hope she corrects soon.

Before though, just a bit of stream of consciousness writing I think. 🙂

Take me in right away and finish this deed,
take my hands and show me to the sun,
show me the willows and the bends in the road.

Take me to the top of the hill and then
throw me off, let the angels catch me if they will
let them float me down beside you if they will.

Take me with you when you leave
is there somewhere I am not allowed to go
is there somewhere I am not allowed to see?

Please, feel my hand in yours,
please hold me up,
please make the shadows run away.