DivinityHow do I call out to divinity?
How do I call it by name?
How do I limit the wholeness to a word?
How do I know the ocean by a wave,
the tree by the leaf,
the totality by the part?

How do I define the spectrum by the color?
How do I speak to the all?

Simple Sonnet

I said I would give you a sonnet, I made no promise it would be worthy…


Is there a reason to imagine this light in the sky,
Is there doubt, look into the darkness,
Is there a sound that can be made to take you away from me,
Is there a place where we cannot be?

Winter leaves holding tight to bare limbs,
Dimming skies filled with despair,
She sits against the cold stone waiting,
The sounds of the night upon her now.

Nothing inside of him to hold on to,
Nowhere to grasp,
No one to cling to,
He tramps on into the night, searching.

His hand in hers, his heart beating still,
Her lips brush against his temple, Heaven.

Upon My Soul

With you beside me
a stainless sky within my mind
Clouds of timelessness and laughter

With you holding me
solid rainbows of sound
Rains falling down to replenish me

With you face to face
peace in my heart and love
Upon My Soul