For Love of Darkness

Let drop the anchor
pull in the sails
damp the lantern
this night is done for me

Darkness, wicked lover of lonely souls, caresses me
I sleep upon the waves of illusion and do dream

Angels of the deep offer me direction and council
distance grows without movement
time slips on, yet the moon hangs still

Darkness calls to me, whispering in my ears
She knows my thoughts, and honors them to the last

The Sun cannot rise
no laughter on the waters now

Sirens wail
waters stale

Afloat on the ocean
alone in my bed
the last crow has left me

Yet Darkness stays instead


She laid the coins on my eyes
– cold… she did not think to warm
them for the dead

He removed the leaches
from my whiter than white skin
– do they not know I can feel
the flow of blood from my limbs?

She combed my hair
with a rough, horse-hair brush
– did it matter that it pulled on my scalp?

Now they have placed me into my new home: pine scented.
Scratchy cloth on my face.

It is so dark now
can she hear me as I whisper?

“Goodbye, I will love you, always.”

Feel My Hand In Yours

The soft sounds of the television find their way down the hallway.  My son is asleep, but I have yet to make it to his room to turn off the T.V. and cover him up.  I will tuck him in every night that I can, one day he will move out, and I don’t want to regret missing a night.  The boxer is snoring loudly beside me, I am about to begin my meditations, tonight is Tonglen, and I am going to focus on some one who was a close friend last year.  She has strayed into some deep water, and I hope she corrects soon.

Before though, just a bit of stream of consciousness writing I think. 🙂

Take me in right away and finish this deed,
take my hands and show me to the sun,
show me the willows and the bends in the road.

Take me to the top of the hill and then
throw me off, let the angels catch me if they will
let them float me down beside you if they will.

Take me with you when you leave
is there somewhere I am not allowed to go
is there somewhere I am not allowed to see?

Please, feel my hand in yours,
please hold me up,
please make the shadows run away.