It Isn’t Alternative Healing, It’s Healing

I found while I was looking for some widgets for one of my Technology Story articles, and I was thrilled to find the network of ‘alternative’ healing professionals.  I have believed in these so-called alternative healing methods for years, though I only really began using some of these methods a few years ago.  In Oklahoma you are not surrounded by yogis, acupuncturists, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, Reikis, or Ayurvedic doctors.  Luckily I found a couple that I could trust here in Oklahoma City, OK.

I actually met my friend Gardner Singleton via email.  My judo Sensei, Nick Lowry, knew Gardner from the dojo where Gardner had introduced himself and practiced Tibetan Buddhism with a local sangha that met in the dojo.  Once Nick had sent me Gardner’s email address I began to ask him questions about Chi Gung, acupuncture, and Tai Chi.  It was amusing actually, he is a busy guy, with two offices and a thriving practice he was less than thrilled to be answering questions from some guy he had never met.

So I bit the bullet and went into his OKC office for a session of needles and chatting.  I still remember him asking me what I was seeing him for, what I needed him to cure or lessen, and I smiled and told him I just wanted to experience acupuncture.  It was awesome.  I was hooked.  I am a acupuncture junky, I would seriously, no kidding, spend a lot of money on those needles just because of the stress relief they offer.  If you want to contact Gardner just go to his web site, East Healing Arts.  If you aren’t local to Oklahoma City he can still offer you help by prescribing traditional Chinese herbal remedies.

So, back to the Buddha Hands site.  They have a huge selection of widgets that teach you about healing methods that might seem foreign to you, that may even seems fantastical, but they work.  The proof is in the 5000+ years of history that surround them.

Check out this reiki widget and play with it a while:

I wanted to embed this acupuncture widget, but it is too wide for my blog, so click on the link and check it out.

Reiki II

This Sunday I will be giving Reiki treatments at an event here in Oklahoma City. I am excited and nervous about the whole situation; will the people line up to have the treatment? Will they be receptive to this big, shaven-headed, tattooed guy telling them to relax and to become compassion?

I have a feeling most of them will be open to the idea of reiki to begin with. It is a fairly progressive meditation center and as such I am guessing most are aware of chi and how it can and does affect them on a daily basis.

I only recently received my attunement to level II in Reiki, so I am still not the seasoned professional I would rather be, but this is a great opportunity to learn for me. I am hopeful that after a full day of reiki on so many people I will have an epiphany. Kinda like being thrown over and over again in judo, after a few thousand you start to catch on.

I do something a little different in my reiki treatments though; I practice tonglen on the person receiving the reki from me. During tonglen I do a form of meditation whereby I center my focus on the person I am sending the reiki to and consciously imagine reducing the suffering in their life. It is a freeing meditation.

I will write more about tonglen soon.


Healing This Reality

This one may be too squishy and goody-goody for some of you. It might sound too ‘out there’ and too ‘new age’ for most of us stoic westerners, but it resonates with me and I hope you can find a little peace in it too.

So, tell me, what do you think about it. Can we heal the planet with our thoughts and intentions? Can we heal each other with good and positive thoughts? Is it possible to sit quietly each morning and pray or meditate the world to peace? I think so.

Over a decade ago an experiment to reduce crime in Washington D. C. was shown to have an effect. A large group of people utilized Transcendental Meditation(TM) to increase coherence and decrease stress within the District. The benefits were shown to be excellent.

For a very detailed report on the meditation experiment please visit this site at the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy:

Imagine a world where we were all conscious of our own thoughts. Where we used our thoughts, our intentions, to heal the world, to heal our families, friends and every person alive in the past, present and future.

It would be amazing.

I have decided that I can be a healer too, just as you can as well. I am learning to use Reiki to heal and I have already experienced some wonderful effects. What can you do to heal yourself and the world around you?

The Buddha said this: “Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.”

So go now and show compassion to everyone and everything, begin the healing.